To all the people who are doubting yourselves right now


The thing is, people only understand from their level of perspective, so there is no use trying to explain anything to everyone.

I happen to hate opinionated people (the vindictive kind, it’s not a crime to have an opinion, you know), and they are always going to judge you before they know the truth. But hey, they might never know, after all, ignorance is associated with these kinds of people. The first time I was being falsely accused of something, I got mad, real mad. And I started saying stuff that was obviously not at all nice and which I later on regret. Once words are spoken, they cannot be taken back, and I’ve learnt to watch my mouth or else I am going to be scooping down to their level. And I am far from being disgusted by that.

There’s always going to be false judgements of you, people didn’t know you but judged you anyways, and there are never going to stop. The world is full of opinionated people (and some great but humble people), again I mean the vindictive kind, and judging is what they do best. But why give them the satisfaction of letting them see you crumble when you can use their false accusations and their ignorance as fuels to succeed. Why explain anything to them when you know your worth deep down? Don’t waver, don’t give in. Don’t give them a chance to control you or to tear you down, and at the same time, don’t do that to other people.

If you’re going to succeed, do it with class and not with the intention of ruining others. It doesn’t mean you’re above everyone else just by pulling them down. Succeed because you have the skills and power, because you are better, not because you’re putting down your opponent.

Succeed with grace.



Modern Beauty Standards Imposed on Classic Art Show Narrowness of Today’s Ideal

Dr. Rebecca Hains

Several years ago, I was admiring the Venus de Milo at the Louvre when a group of American teens approached. Eyeing the statue, one girl blurted out: “She’s so fat.”Her friends laughed and agreed, but her comment just made me sad. The girls were surveilling the Venus de Milo in the same way that our culture has trained girls to surveil themselves and one another: to always be attuned to whether females are living up to our culture’s beauty ideal—and to judge and condemn those who do not.

Besides, the Venus de Milo is most certainly not “fat.” She just differs from the body type that has become the hard-and-fast ideal over the past century. But because these teens were so accustomed to the Photoshopped norm, they couldn’t see the beauty in this classic work of art.This series of retouched masterpieces reminded me of that experience. No doubt some…

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8 hours later… School


Honestly, school will start just about 8 hours later, and my alarm clock will shriek into my ear 7 hours later.  What am I doing? Oh yeah, hanging out with my computer. School. I don’t like it. I mean if I’m not this total socially awkward human being, I just might enjoy it a tad bit more, and I mean maybe. But if you ask me, school is just a crappy place, we don’t even use half the crap we learnt there. Algebra? Psssshhh, like just screw it already. Nobody’s gonna give you an equation randomly and ask you to solve ‘x’, I mean you’d be like fuck off.

If you haven’t figured out, here’s a tip, I rant here, yeah complain, let out my feelings, my emotions, blah blah blah, whatever you like to call it. I just call it ranting. I’m not gonna say sorry for cussing cause well, I’m not, duh. Right, that’s the third time my mom yell at me to shut the damn computer, guess I’m going, else I’m gonna be grounded.

Peace out suckers

Ordinary Human O.H.