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There are a lot of people who have dreamt of living in big cities, like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas… I myself have lived in Hong Kong since the day I was born, and have been immersed in city lifestyle ever since. Hong Kong is an international trading and financial city, the place itself is not big, its just a dot on the map, literally, but it is one of the smallest, yet busiest and most populated cities in the world. (That makes housing a real problem.) And if you have not heard of it, attached are some pictures I downloaded from the web. Why do people wanted to live in big cities, I have been asking myself this question for a long time, you can say big cities are where dreams actually do come true (if you work hard enough), or because you find life in the city exciting and enjoyable. However I do have a different view from all those big city lovers out there.

I find life in the city extremely claustrophobic. Not just because where I live is actually, well, small (426, I looked it up on wikipedia), but because I do not particularly enjoy the way so many skyscrapers tower over me, and the way people push past you roughly in the rush hour. And in the MTR, that is equivalent to trains or the subway in other countries, you’ll find yourself lucky if you can cram into the cart and not get stepped by the many pair of feet rushing by.

Another thing is that people are more superficial and materialistic in cities. Take New Zealand as an example, I just went there for my Christmas hols, you see dusty and outdated Toyotas more than shiny and perfectly polished Mercedes Benz. There are only a few brand name shops instead of the chain you so often find along the streets in big cities. To some people who have a love for brand name things, that may be bad news, but to me, I just wanted everything to be a little less superficial and materialistic. I really love it in New Zealand. In big cities you don’t really get to see phenomenal blue skies and clouds, you can’t breathe in really fresh air. In Hong Kong, the sky is almost always grey and misty, and people are always in a hurry to get to somewhere. And at night, Hong Kong is known as the ‘pearl of orient’, it is beautiful with its expansive skyline, but when you put aside all those beauty, ithe lights on the skyscrapers are actually contributing factors to light pollution.

Maybe I’m just a pessimist when it comes to life in big cities, but the bright neon lights and the hustling and bustling are just not meant for me. What are your views on living in big cities? Comment below 🙂

( Source for the pictures : )003-hong-kong

Hong Kong is also known as the 'Peral of the Orient'

Hong Kong is also known as the ‘Peral of the Orient’


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8 hours later… School


Honestly, school will start just about 8 hours later, and my alarm clock will shriek into my ear 7 hours later.  What am I doing? Oh yeah, hanging out with my computer. School. I don’t like it. I mean if I’m not this total socially awkward human being, I just might enjoy it a tad bit more, and I mean maybe. But if you ask me, school is just a crappy place, we don’t even use half the crap we learnt there. Algebra? Psssshhh, like just screw it already. Nobody’s gonna give you an equation randomly and ask you to solve ‘x’, I mean you’d be like fuck off.

If you haven’t figured out, here’s a tip, I rant here, yeah complain, let out my feelings, my emotions, blah blah blah, whatever you like to call it. I just call it ranting. I’m not gonna say sorry for cussing cause well, I’m not, duh. Right, that’s the third time my mom yell at me to shut the damn computer, guess I’m going, else I’m gonna be grounded.

Peace out suckers

Ordinary Human O.H.