8 hours later… School


Honestly, school will start just about 8 hours later, and my alarm clock will shriek into my ear 7 hours later.  What am I doing? Oh yeah, hanging out with my computer. School. I don’t like it. I mean if I’m not this total socially awkward human being, I just might enjoy it a tad bit more, and I mean maybe. But if you ask me, school is just a crappy place, we don’t even use half the crap we learnt there. Algebra? Psssshhh, like just screw it already. Nobody’s gonna give you an equation randomly and ask you to solve ‘x’, I mean you’d be like fuck off.

If you haven’t figured out, here’s a tip, I rant here, yeah complain, let out my feelings, my emotions, blah blah blah, whatever you like to call it. I just call it ranting. I’m not gonna say sorry for cussing cause well, I’m not, duh. Right, that’s the third time my mom yell at me to shut the damn computer, guess I’m going, else I’m gonna be grounded.

Peace out suckers

Ordinary Human O.H.